Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cover Beauty--a Gift Or a Curse?

princetta book cover

We've all heard the saying beauty can sometimes be a curse--does the same hold true for books?

This last week I read a book that I was very excited about called The Princetta, and it was a huge disappointment.  The thing of it is, both my excitement and my disappointment was related at least partially to its beautiful cover.  Reading The Princetta reminded me of why I don't buy books just based on beautiful covers anymore--they so often mislead me into thinking the books themselves are great.  I don't know if the cover just raises my expectations unrealistically, or if I'm just a picky bitch, but sometimes I wonder if beautiful covers are more of a curse than a blessing to a book.

There haven't been many books where I loved the cover just for the artwork and loved the book.  One of the few that springs to mind is Twilight and New Moon (even though the New Moon cover made nooo sense in relation to the novel's content).  I also loved the cover for The Adoration of Jenna Fox--but only after I read the book.  Without knowledge of the book's plot, the cover just looked weird.

Have you ever read a fabulous book with an equally fabulous cover?  And do you think excellent covers can sometimes be detrimental to your enjoyment of a book?

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