Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bloggiesta Day 2 Update


I'm not sure how many hours I dedicated to Bloggiesta last night--I started losing track there at the end--but I think it was around 8.  I got a lot of stuff done!

  • Finish writing all my half-written posts (I've finished 1 so far. le sigh).
  • Do the copyright mini-challenge from the last Bloggiesta. (I didn't exactly do this, but I did update my copyright notifications, so calling it good.)
  • Do the mini-challenges for this Bloggiesta (including my own).
  • Hang out on twitter and chat with everyone. (In progress)
  • Finish the bottle of champagne in my fridge. (Did not finish!  I only managed to drink half before I started feeling ill.)
  • Update review policy.
I also completed something not on my original list, but which I've been meaning to do for about a month, namely play around with my video editor to make my vlogs feel slightly more professional.  I think I'm getting the hang of it!  I completed a vlog for Fragment Friday, which you can watch here.

For today, I want to focus on writing posts, but I will have to take time out to do some homework.  Sadness.

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