Friday, January 21, 2011

Bloggiesta Mini Challenge--Help a Blogger Out


Hola, mes amis (oops, I'm mixing my languages)!  It's time to get our Bloggiesta groove on with what makes Bloggiesta the greatest blogging fiesta evar:  connecting with other bloggers and helping each other out! 

During my first Bloggiesta, I made two great blogging friends by asking for help with my blog.  Now it's your turn--use your talents, expertise, and wisdom to help another blogger who needs it.  Whether you're just starting a blog or are a blogging superstar, you have skills--skills others don't have, but wish they did!

How do you find these bloggers in need?  Follow the hashtag #Bloggiesta on Twitter; go to the Mr. Linky on the Bloggiesta starting line and read the starting posts to see if anyone is planning to tackle tasks you can help with; or look at the comments for mini-challenge posts and see if anyone is having issues completing the challenges.  Offer advice, follow up by asking them if your suggestion worked, offer more help if needed, and check out the results.

By supporting one another, we not only make new friends, but get things done faster and without wanting to throw our laptops across the room.  Once you've helped someone out, just leave a comment on this post letting me know you've completed the mini-challenge, and you'll be eligible for prizes!  And to get you in a cheerful, sharing mood, here's a little song:

I can already tell we're going to make new friends.  Now go forth and assist!

This EPIC mini-challenge will close when the Bloggiesta finish line has been posted.  Don't know what Bloggiesta is?  Go here.

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