Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sabrina: Burning Questions


  • Why did Sabrina leave Paris if she loves it so much?  Did she lose her job?  Did French photographer guy break up with her?  Or did she want one last chance to nab David?
  • Who is Bubba Rockefeller?
  • Why do we never see Sabrina driving a car?
  • Isn't it a little odd that Harrison Ford drives them back from the city after their date even though he has a chauffeur?  Yes, the chauffeur is her dad, but still.
  • Why does Sabrina remember all this crap from their childhoods and the guys remember NOTHING?  Personally this would make me a little pissed.
  • So... Linus is a virgin, then?  "First time" and all that?
  • If Harrison Ford has his own private plane, why does he buy tickets for them to fly to Paris?  And if he takes the Concorde to Paris and beats Sabrina there, does that mean he made her fly coach?  What a tool!
  • Is giving all your money to your daughter a wise retirement plan?  Why didn't he just send Sabrina to college?
  • Have I watched this movie too many times?

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