Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bloggiesta Day 3


Yesterday I did not get much done for Bloggiesta at all.  Basically I wrote one post and agonized over a few other posts without writing anything, and then I did homework and made nachos.  And I also made another vlog.  So hopefully today something will be written!

Updated goals:

  • Finish writing all my half-written posts.
  • Do the copyright mini-challenge from the last Bloggiesta. (I didn't exactly do this, but I did update my copyright notifications, so calling it good.)
  • Do the mini-challenges for this Bloggiesta (including my own).
  • Hang out on twitter and chat with everyone. (In progress)
  • Finish the bottle of champagne in my fridge. (Did not finish!  I only managed to drink half before I started feeling ill.)
  • Update review policy.
There you go.  Pretty much no change from yesterday.  And I better get a move on, because Downton Abbey and Johnny Cash in Folsom are both on tonight and will require at least 60% of my attention!

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