Monday, September 12, 2011

BBAW: Interview with Ariel from The Librarian's Bookshelf!

Ariel from The Librarian's Bookshelf

heidenkind: You're in school to eventually become a librarian. Do you think blogging and social media will play an important role in libraries in the future?
Ariel: I think it really depends on the library. I think book bloggers play a huge role in supporting smaller libraries, but I don't think larger ones really notice us or care.
heidenkind: Which do you prefer, eBooks or paper books?
Ariel: While I do own a Nook and read eBooks, I prefer paperbacks.
heidenkind: What's your least-favorite read of the year so far?
Ariel: I would have to say Glimmerglass honestly. I liked most of the books I've read so far, but with all the hype Glimmerglass got, I was disappointed by it.
heidenkind: Tell us about a favorite piece of book paraphernalia that you own or dream of owning--can be a t-shirt, bookshelf, lock of your favorite author's hair, anything!
Ariel: This isn't really one item, but I want my own library! Someday in my house I will have one room completely full of books and bookshelves and reading nooks.
heidenkind: How far outside your comfort zone have you read based on the recommendation of a book blogger?
Ariel: I've read a lot more paranormal than I would have without the recommendations from book bloggers. Before I usually just stayed with very specific fantasy or Christian fiction.

Check out Ariel's blog and my interview with her over at The Librarian's Bookshelf!

The Librarian's Bookshelf


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