Thursday, September 8, 2011

THE MAGICIAN KING by Lev Grossman: Drinking Game!!

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Take a drink:
  • Whenever the characters drink (natch)
  • Every time Quentin says or thinks, "I'm a king in Fillory!" (Is that like being big in Europe?)
  • ...of butterbeer for every Harry Potter reference
  • ...of G&T for every Narnia reference
  • ...of grog for every Lord of the Rings reference
  • ...of a Red Bull Jaegerbomb for every gamer/computer geek reference
  • Whenever it's mentioned Julia is wearing black.
  • It seems like these characters have a lot of 'issues.'
  • Every time Quentin goes through a door, metaphysical or otherwise.
  • Whenever you fantasize about re-naming your cat Pouncy Silverkitten.
Start chugging:
  • When the book focuses on Julia's past (you'll need it).
  • When Quentin starts talking about being a hero (ditto).
  • If you sense an extended metaphor coming on.
  • Whenever your realize the words on the page are actually an anagram of YOU'RE GOING TO DIE AND LIFE HAS NO MEANING, repeated over and over. (Retroactively drink when you realize that really the entire book has been like that.)
Take a shot for:
  • Every key Quentin loses.
  • Every talking animal who serves as a convenient plot device.
  • Every obscure secondary character that reappears out of nowhere.
  • When you come across a line you want to turn into a t-shirt.

rip button I read this book as part of RIP Challenge VI, hosted by Stainless Steel Droppings. Click on the link to learn mores.


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