Saturday, October 22, 2011

Readathon Hour 12 Update

cat art

Good news, everyone: I started O Jerusalem by Laurie R. King on audiobook, which I've been wanting to read for a while, and am enjoying it! I got slightly derailed when my grandparents stopped by, but it's all good cuz they're my grandparents. I gave my grandma some of the cookies I'd baked for the Readathon but she wouldn't join me in a shot of vodka for some reason. *pouts*

As for the read-a-chunkster strategy... not going too well so far. I gave up on Map Of Time, as well. I think maybe I'll just try to finish the book I was reading last night and call it good.


Food consumed: One quarter of a fritata and 2 3 cookies, a bowl of beef teriyaki (Japanese take-out, yay!) that Vasilly bullied me into eating, a handful of grapes, and 1 Brötchen (bonus points if you know what that is).
Drinks: A cup of coffee and a 2 glasses of water
Mini-Challenges: I managed to complete two mini-challenges! My Perfect Anthology and Book Trailer


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