Saturday, October 22, 2011

Readathon Hour 8 Update

give a hoot

Hour 8, y'all! The Readathon is chugging right along. I've decided to give up on The Historian; I wasn't fifty pages in and already skimming through extraneous info. Plus the things that were supposed to be creepy were instead making me laugh. It has an interesting narrative structure but I'm not in the mood for something so esoteric right now (or ever). Going to move on to Map of Time, recommended by the lovely Memory.

In audiobooks, I'm finished with the first disk of Turn Coat and TOTALLY CONFUSED. I started the series (Harry Dresden) years ago but only read up to book four, and I think this is book, like, eleven? I should probably pick another book but whatever. The narrator's pretty good, anyway.

Food consumed: One quarter of a fritata and 2 cookies
Drinks: A cup of coffee and a glass of water

That's all the updates that are fit to be made so far! How's your reading going?


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